But can you handle the truth?

The truth is that the state of this nation is not the result of white fragility, white supremacy, or any other cultural lies you wish to promulgate. Look in the mirror: where did rioting, looting, loss of life start? Not at the Capitol on January 6, that's for sure. It started when Trump was elected, and people said "Not my president". Well I'm returning the favor: Biden is not my president, and I will work as hard as I can to undo his legacy. And hopefully that will start in 2022. The Great Unifier? What a joke. Talk about "pleasantries and euphemisms".

I don't know how to heal this country. But articles like this are not helpful. You refuse to see what is broken. I find it sad and ironic that progressives are tearing their hair out over January 6, when the nation has had to endure death and destruction at the hands of leftists for months and years. I don't know if any one person can unify--I doubt it. There's no one that the political left and right would trust.

Our nation has overcome worse political times--Reconstruction was toxic, from what I've read, and we did heal from that. So there's hope, but it's going to take a long time.

And please--shed no tears for AOC. She was 10 minutes away from the action, hiding in her bathroom (which she was told to do), and yet, what's her first reaction to the Capitol policeman who came to check on her--you know--doing his job? She made a statement that he was wearing a black beanie and he looked "frightening". Give me a damn break.Sounds racist to me. It's statements like that that perpetuate the hate. Why didn't she thank him?

Wife. Mother. Librarian. Conservative — pretty much in that order.

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